As you can probably tell from other things I post about on Social Media or this site, I really do enjoy running. It is something that got lost on me for a long period of time in my life but has really made its way back into my daily routine over the last three of years (Back to Running).

So you can only imagine that when I ran across this new YouTube video series by Ryan Van Duzer called Running with Ryan, you can bet I stopped what I was doing to watch this first episode.

Let's just say it didn’t disappoint as his first guest was Scott and Jenny Jurek who were talking about their record-setting run on the Appalachian Trail as well as the value of doing hard things.  Also, they touch on Scott and Jenny’s book called North as the paperback is coming out soon. However, you can buy the Kindle, Hardback or Audio-book version right now from Amazon. This has been on my want list for a while so after watching this I got the audio version as they said it is narrated by Scott and Jenny. I always find it interesting listening to audio-books that are narrated by the authors.

I would suggest you check out the first video in the Running with Ryan series and if you are like me I am sure you can’t wait till the next one comes out.

Hope you enjoyed the video and be sure to help spread the word of this new series by sharing Ryan’s video as he does some amazing work. Another thing to note from the video that dawned on me again while writing this is during this whole run Ryan had to run while holding a camera. I know I commented on it before when he ran in the Caballo Blanco race, but it is still an amazing feat to hold it steady enough to get the shot and make sure everyone is in focus while running. Which for some people is hard enough already.

Finally, be sure to check out Scott and Jenny Jurek's website as well as I am sure they will be up to more adventure in the near future.