Something is New around here… Welcome to Up North!
I am certain you have noticed that the blog has changed ever so slightly as it is no longer called Still Thinking… In all honesty, nothing about the blog specifically has changed from a content perspective I just decided after a little over 4 years I wanted a new name and maybe a fresh start at this. So I

Still Thinking Logo Tagline *Goodbye Still Thinking it has been fun...*
*New Logo for a new name...*
I had alluded to this in a post I wrote about earlier this year titled "Posting Standstill" where I had been thinking about this for a while and it was a crutch about not doing anything in the end. I am glad that I just pushed forward as you can see it took me 4 more months to finally complete the task of switching the domain name on the site. It is not that it takes that long to switch a site over but I continued to wrestle with it in my mind since that post but told myself to not let it hold any other posts back.
### So will anything change?

I doubt anything will really change right now as I am enjoying the current non-specific schedule. I think if anything you will see some more writing about thoughts and experiences. In addition, I am sure I will just share some shorter things that might be of interest or making me think from time to time.

I was actually looking back at some of my earlier posts on this site the other day, and one post called “Going back to the beginning” caught my attention. There is a sentence in there that probably sums up what this blog has been and might be for eternity.

I am blogging as a way to share interesting stories and thoughts.

Ok, ok, I get all of that but why Up North!

I am sure at the time I was thinking about it I had a much better reason. However, it really came down to I wanted a change and something simple. I live in what some call the Bold North or that is how it was advertised during the Superbowl and it has kind of stuck around for some. Also, when I think of Up North, I think of someone spending time outside and that my friend is something I enjoy. After I refound my love of running I try to get outside almost daily now as it is almost like therapy. In addition, over this past year, I have made it a priority to explore more of the parks and trails around my city as I have regretted such a thing in my past life.
Sum all of that up and the name just stuck for me as it meant something.
For those of you that have been with me for a while or if you are new here I am thankful no matter what. I hope everyone sticks around and as always leave me a comment if you have any suggestions, questions, or just want to drop me a note.