As with my 365 days of running, I really didn’t mention to anyone that I was going to be on a podcast episode of Off The Couch until right now as it went live today. You can find the Episode by clicking the link below or wherever you get your podcasts.

Off the Couch Podcast

Eric Walker on Running 5k a Day for 365 Days (Ep.39)

The episode is talking about my 365 days of running a 5k every day. I will give credit to Johnathan Ellsworth and Brendan Leonard the hosts for asking all the right questions to make an episode that was more than 15 min long as we joked about the start of the episode. I had a lot of fun chatting with them and feel privileged to have been on the show as I know they have had some amazing guests.

I hope you give the episode a listen and enjoy the conversation I had with them as I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them. Finally, if you did enjoy it be sure to give their podcast a review on iTunes to help show support for their show. I have only been a more recent listener and am enjoying it as it keeps me company while running and I really enjoy hearing all of the stories of their guests.

A little more about Johnathan and Brendan:

Johnathan Ellsworth is the Founder of BLISTER, not only do they create some amazing Podcasts like Off the Couch which is geared towards runners. They also have other podcasts talking about other outdoor activities like snow sports, biking, and climbing. Not to mention, they review gear and give honest reviews to make sure you are not wasting your time or money so if you are looking to buy some gear check BLISTER out.

Brendan Leonard is the creator of Semi-Rad where he has published tons of articles and charts/drawings that are always great enjoyment. In addition, he has a bunch of books published too. You can find all of this stuff on his website or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.