I like how well the Apple AirPods just work with my iPhone. Only over the last year have I switched almost all of my personal devices back to Apple devices and today I was reminded why it just makes sense and it just works.

With the upcoming weekend, I had a block of time this morning that I could get a longer than normal done during the workday. Since we are camping this weekend I wasn’t sure what the long weekend would bring.

iPod Pro and iPhone 13 Mini

I only got about 1.5 miles into my run this morning when I got the text (that was conveniently spoken to me) from our Grocery shopper that they are going to start shopping for us. I am not sure why my wife put my number for them to contact but it probably works as I am in front of a computer most days and she is a teacher in front of kids. However, I was able to respond easily to the shopper on her questions about substitutions for the entire run. I never had to stop once to grab my phone out and respond and I was listening to a Podcast in between the times that she would ask me another question. It was honestly just so simple to listen to what she asked me and then say “reply” and respond with my answer. I exchanged 10 messages with her until she finally sent me the note saying she was done and I would get an email shortly. This was conveniently 1 mile before I was done and I was ok with the fact that all of this happened as I was doing something else. I didn’t have much else going on during that run but I would have been frustrated if I would have had to stop every mile and try to respond to her on my phone instead of just plugging away at the miles while texting her back.

Times when technology works the way it is intended (or maybe not intended) for me just blows my mind. Some people probably would not enjoy such a disruption as I had today but I didn’t mind it at all as I might have otherwise been stuck with groceries I didn’t want or ones I would have happily taken a replacement for but never responded to say so.