📚 Reap3r by Eliot Peper

This book was just awesome! I had been looking for a book to read and this one dropped into my lap at the right time.

I have been a big fan of Eliot’s books in the past and this one again is not a disappointment and somehow seems to take it to the next level.

Due to a busy schedule of kids' activities, it took me a while to actually pick up Reap3r and start reading it but once I did I could not put it down. The bite-sized chapters and fast-paced book kept me wanting to read more and find out what happened and unfolded next.

Well, what more can I say that you should go pick up a copy when it is released on May 18th. Eliot does it again by doing a great job of keeping the book relevant enough in today’s world in both technology, political, and environmental issues that help make a near future book seems believable and real. With out spoiling too much some of the things he brings up in the book is crazy to think he wrote those parts more than 2 years before publishing and some of the ideas and thoughts he put in the book came true 😳. I think that is why I love his books so much. No matter how fast-paced or near future he makes the books they don’t feel that far out on the horizon of technology and the issues seem like they might be something we will need to address in our lifetime.

The story has many key characters that each have their own stories and at the start, you keep trying to figure out how everything is going to fit together. That is where the magic of his writing takes place as he weaves each of the characters' stories together. There are past friendships / acquaintances with secrets to hide which is how they ended up where they are today. Then there are newer characters that have created something amazing and are now being thrust into the mix and trying to put all the pieces together.

Not to mention Eliot’s attention to detail throughout the book I always appreciate as I can picture the places he is talking about and it makes me feel like I am there seeing the sights and sounds. Also, how can I forget if you have read some or all of Eliot’s books you might find some tie-ins or mentions of technology, and/or people from his previous works 😉.

Thanks again to my friend Eliot for providing me with an advanced copy of your book as I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I noticed that there will be an Audiobook version that he will be doing the reading for so I have already reserved a copy of that to accompany me on some long runs in the future.

As I mentioned I have read some of Eliot’s books before and wrote about them so if you are interested to check out some of his other books go for it as you won’t be disappointed! Here are a couple: Veil, True Blue (A Short Story), Bandwidth, Borderless, and Breach. Also, check out his website as he has a great newsletter.

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